The Praxis Smart Contracts public Testnet is now available! We switched our base blockchain to the brilliant Ark platform, a much more mature blockchain development environment. With Ark, we have a fully working blockchain running Praxis Smart Contracts end to end.

PRAX is Available

And best of all, our native token PRAX is now available for purchase. We have decided to offer PRAX for purchase directly for use in the Testnet. You can have some fun using PRAX on the Testnet, and help fund development. There is also a special price for early adopters who purchase PRAX directly. 

Any PRAX that you purchase now as an early adopter will be available on the mainnet when it launches.

Get the Wallet

You can download the Ark wallet here. Scroll down a page and you’ll see the wallet downloads.

The Ark wallet makes it easy to add tokens from other Ark based blockchains (bridgechains in Ark terminology) into the wallet. The process is described here, in the section Adding the Bridgechain to your Desktop Wallet. When adding the Praxis bridgechain, use the url: as the seed. (Note: the 443 is required.)

The Praxis client and Praxis Developer are integrated into the wallet as plugins. The github repo for the plugin is here. This post describes how to add plugins to the Ark wallet. Essentially all you need to do is:

  1. Clone the repo into the plugins directory.
  2. Windows users: c:\users\<username>\.ark-desktop\plugins
    Mac / Linux users: ~/.ark-desktop/plugins
  3. Change to the directory above, then git clone
  4. Go back to the Ark wallet and enable plugins, then select the Praxis plugin and activate it.

You can also access the Praxis client, and Praxis Developer directly, outside of the Ark wallet.

Buy PRAX Now

Note: Please view the intro videos before getting started. It will give you a clear overview of how Praxis works and how to use the Ark wallet.

As mentioned above, you can purchase PRAX now, and start using it in the testnet. Since our testnet is functional, you can purchase PRAX to get the utility it was designed for now. This will give you a chance to start using PRAX just as you will when the mainnet launches.

When the mainnet goes live, your purchased tokens will be available on the mainnet from day one. To be clear, you can freely use PRAX on the testnet in any way you choose, but you will always get the exact amount purchased back on the mainnet when it goes live


We’ve tried to make purchasing as simple as possible. All you need to do is send some ARK to address AZRHoUH3W1fC91KBNhdmRz45zoDUNFkRRN

There is a 50 USD minimum purchase, and a 50K USD maximum per account. (At the current price of ARK at about .42, you’ll have to send about 120 ARK to meet the minimum. Please be sure to send > 50 USD in ARK.)

IMPORTANT: The PRAX will be sent directly to an address on our bridgechain derived from the public key of the send address on the transfer. So make sure you send the ARK from a wallet you can import into our bridgechain. Mostly, this means don’t send the ARK from an exchange wallet, but from one of your own wallets.

Fear not though, if you make a mistake we will refund the ARK, it may just take a day or so.

To summarize:

  1. Send > 50 USD in ARK to AZRHoUH3W1fC91KBNhdmRz45zoDUNFkRRN
  2. In a few seconds or minutes, the PRAX will be available in a wallet derived from the public key of the send transfer address.
  3. Import the same wallet you did the transfer from into the Praxis wallet chain and you’ll see your PRAX!


If you don’t want to buy PRAX, then we’ll send you some to get started. Send a request to Be sure to include your wallet address.


Prices are here.


Remember that you can buy up to 50K USD of PRAX per account. The price goes up each month, and we are selling up 500M PRAX to the public. The easiest way to get PRAX will be through this direct method, and once the 500M PRAX are sold, the direct sale will end.

As stated in our whitepaper, our number one corporate goal is to increase demand for PRAX. We consider PRAX our product, and creating demand for our product is our highest priority. Some of our strategy is described in the whitepaper, and we will be posting more in the near future.


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