Introducing Praxis and Praxis Developer

After months of work, Incentum is proud to introduce Praxis and Praxis Developer, applications that will revolutionize the Smart Contract ecosystem. Praxis and Praxis Developer let you create, use, and manage Smart Contracts entirely from a browser. With the full power of decentralized Smart Contracts at your disposal, you can add tremendous value to your life. One way to view Smart Contracts is as business construction kits, and you can literally create numerous small businesses in minutes with Incentum Praxis Smart Contracts.

With Praxis, Smart Contracts are modeled as simple JSON to JSON transformations. Your smart contract has multiple actions to execute the logic in the smart contract. This is done in your browser with the JSONata transformation language. You can write and debug your smart contracts in their entirety within the browser. After you have written the Smart Contract, you use the Praxis Developer Form Builder to create simple forms for each of your Smart Contract actions. The users of your Smart Contract interact with these simple forms to execute the Smart Contract actions using the Praxis client. It’s simple, powerful, and foolproof.

Further, you can turn a Smart Contract action into a link, and post it anywhere. When someone clicks the link, they navigate to the Praxis client and see the customized form corresponding to the action. It couldn’t be easier.

Let’s take a simple example. An auction. Let’s say you’re an artist – a painter to be specific. You want to auction one of your paintings. Here are the steps you would perform in Praxis:

  1. Tokenize the painting. Praxis supplies a tokenization contract. Start it, and then tokenize any item you wish. It let’s you add any level of information and detail to describe your painting. The tokenized painting has a unique identity, and you can prove that it came from you – you own the tokenization contract that tokenized the item.
  2. Start an auction with your tokenized painting as the auction item. Incentum supplies an auction contract for doing this. You can add parameters like start and end dates, the coin you’ll accept for bids, etc.
  3. Get others to bid on your auction. With Praxis, you can create a link to the bid action of your auction contract. Post the link on social media, web pages, etc. When someone clicks the link, they will be taken to Praxis and shown the bid action form which they can use to make a bid.

Remember, the end user of the contracts simply interact with simple forms, so the entire process is foolproof.

Praxis runs on Ark, a fully decentralized consensus engine. So there is no third party that you have to trust. You merely pay the gas fees for contract execution.

Praxis and Praxis Developer are now available on the public testnet. See this post for more information.

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