Praxis and Slack

What if you could create sophisticated bots, write Smart Contracts and dapps, and run them directly from Slack?

Now you can with our incredible Slack integration of Praxis.

Create Slack bots, dapps, Smart Contracts, and components in our web based Praxis Builder, live, as you watch, all with the same development tool.

Create beautiful Slack interfaces for Praxis Smart Contracts, dapps, and generalized bots to perform any task, all with the same web based development environment.

If you’d like to try it out, send an email to Request Slack Invite.

What is PRAX Token?

PRAX Token is used to power Praxis Smart Contracts, Praxis Slack bots and Praxis Slack Components. By tokenizing things and incentivizing actions through Praxis Smart Contracts, entire businesses can be built from a browser without any trusted third party.

Now with amazing Slack integration, build dapps on Slack that integrate with Praxis Smart Contracts. Create beautiful UI’s directly in Slack for your dapps.

Removing barriers and friction changes behavior dramatically. By making value transfer simple, foolproof, and programmable, a vast amount of economic activity will be unleashed. Incentum is simply the most powerful set of tools for individual freedom yet devised.

PRAX for Gas Fees
Buy PRAX for Gas Fees

PRAX will be sold directly to users of Praxis to pay the gas fees of Praxis Smart Contracts and Praxis Slack bots, dapps, and components.

Pre-purchase PRAX
Buy PRAX now to use later

If you wish to pre-purchase PRAX for later use, send us a request to Pre-purchase PRAX


November 2018
Development of Praxis
February 2019
Integration with Cosmos Network
July 2019
Integration with Ark, Public Testnet
Jan 2020
Slack Integration, Private Mainnet
December 2018
Development of token model, website
April 2019
Private Testnet, Praxis and Praxis Developer beta
Dec 2019
Slack Integration, Private Testnet

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