Incentum and Praxis

The revolutionary platform that brings Smart Contracts to the masses. Using Smart Contracts is now as easy as using email.

Praxis promotes human freedom by giving you full control over all aspects of your life.

Now running on ARK. A public testnet and full integration into the ARK desktop wallet is available. Download the ARK wallet and follow the instructions here to start using Praxis now.

Our token PRAX is available for purchase directly from the Ark wallet. There are special prices for early adopters.

What is PRAX Token?

PRAX Token is used to power Praxis Smart Contracts, Praxis, and Incentum Components. By tokenizing things and incentivizing actions through Incentum Smart Contracts, entire businesses can be built from a browser without any trusted third party.

Removing barriers and friction changes behavior dramatically. By making value transfer simple, foolproof, and programmable, a vast amount of economic activity will be unleashed. Incentum is simply the most powerful set of tools for individual freedom yet devised.

Community Tokens
Token Pricing

.003 per PRAX until Aug 1, 2019
.004 per PRAX until Sept 1, 2019
.005 per PRAX until Oct 1, 2019
.0075 per PRAX until Nov 1, 2019
.01 per PRAX until Dec 1, 2019
500,000,000 PRAX available

Token Info
Token Information

50 USD minimum in ARK
50K USD maximum in ARK per account

Token Structure

Total community tokens: 500,000,000
Total Tokens: 2,500,000,000 PRAX plus inflation for delegates
Founders and Team
Bounties, Bonuses
Buisness Purposes

Budget Allocation

  • 75% Development and Operations

    Research and Development, Operations

  • 10% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships

    Marketing expenses and partnerships.

  • 5% Legal

    Company and subsidiaries establishment, contracts, development of legal opinions about the entire stack, etc.

  • 10% Business Development

    Business Development


November 2018
Development of Praxis
February 2019
Integration with Cosmos Network
July 2019
Integration with Ark, Public Testnet
Oct 2019
Public Mainnet
December 2018
Development of token model, website
April 2019
Private Testnet, Praxis and Praxis Developer beta
Aug 2019
Public Devnet

Smart Contracts and Praxis

Incentum provides the components necessary to tokenize things and incentivize actions.

Praxis and Praxis Developer lets you create, manage, and use Smart Contracts, extracting real economic value from any action.

All of this can be done from a web browser with no trusted third party required! Using Smart Contracts is now as easy as using email.

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